Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Homegrown Marijuana In Washington State

Washington State might legalize homegrow soon.
February 2nd in Olympia Click Here

I know you're thinking "Didn't Washington already legalize marijuana?"

The short answer is "Yes".

The long answer is, "Kind of, but they forgot homegrowing, sharing, cannabis vaping lounges, etc."

Link to homegrow legislative hearing Facebook Event created by Seattle Hempfest Here

A lot of people who have volunteered and sacrificed their time, energy and resources for years on various marijuana legalization campaigns were opposed to Washington's 502. They felt that what 502 called "legalization" was just barely good for average people, while creating monopolies for corporations and the super-rich.

So long time activists opposed 502's version of legalization. Newer activists, who were willing to do something they called "compromise" (other people called it "appeasement" or worse) said "Vote yes  on 502's version of legalization, we'll fix it later."

Well now is the chance to "fix it later". But with Cannabis Business groups like the Washington Cannabusiness Association flat out refusing to support efforts to adjust Washington's marijuana law to allow adults to grow small gardens the battle between cannabis activists, and cannabusinessmen might start to heat up.

Homegrowing is an essential part of any effort to legalize marijuana. Washington state needs to allow adults to grow a small number of plants with no license required.

February 2nd is the day to get to Olympia and talk to lawmakers about this crucial change to law that needs to be implemented immediately.

Be in Olympia February 2nd at the O'Brien Building in Hearing Room C.

For more information please follow these three people on Facebook:
John NovakTK RamsayGina Garcia

There is information on the Safer Calendar Click Here

Here is some info from the Facebook Event Created By Seattle Hempfest

There are important hearings coming up to secure HOME GROW FOR EVERYONE as well as smoking lounges & seed/plant sale.

Please come to Olympia. Read how to set up a meeting with your legislator here:

Attend the hearing. If you cannot attend comment on the links and ask your reps to respond!



HB2629,The Home grow share & criminal reduction bill

HB2693 The smoking lounge endorsement bill

HB2696 The seed & plant sales bill

Tuesday February 2nd. 1:30-3:30pm in hearing room c

Thank You

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