Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Matthew Verran Australian Skydiving Marijuana Is Safer Shirt

I mailed a Safer Shirt to Matthew Verran in Australia a while back.
He wears it when he is out and about doing things in hopes that uneducated folks might see him wearing the shirt, ask questions, and start important conversations. These conversations give him the opportunity to teach people that marijuana is safer than alcohol, and governments around the world need to use marijuana instead of alcohol.

Here you can see Matthew wearing his safer shirt as he prepares to, and actually does, jump out of an airplane. I love when people help spread the message that marijuana is safer, I also love when the parachute works so those people survive their skydiving adventures!

Thank you Matthew Verran, may many more learn the truth and help to spread it with such vigor!

Video here:

Here's a present for everyone, of my journey yesterday. The hardest part was choosing three songs to go with my video. :p Enjoy! #saskydiving #safershirts Jared Allaway
Posted by Matthew Verran on Wednesday, December 23, 2015

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