Monday, January 25, 2016

Steven in Australia will wear "marijuana is safer" shirt in front of judge

I saw my friend from Australia who wears Safer Shirts talking about how he might have to go to court. 

Steven Campbell I still owe you for the tee shirt which by the way hasn't had an airing since I wore itto the cop shop. It will make an appearancee at the Courthouse Friday if anyone wants to see it in action. " Mumble, mumble, It Ain't Right. Mumble, mumble, Let My people Go. Mumble. Oh for F;ksake just repeal the ridiculous laws and chill, Bro".
yeah , I'm all fired up.

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Jared Allaway Friday?

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Steven Campbell Friday, am.

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Jared Allaway Good Luck!

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Steven Campbell No, I don't believe in luck, even though I use that term myself sometimes as a throwaway line. I believe that co-incidence of events may reveal a pattern, which, if recognised may be taken to advantage. If the judge has had a easy time, the prosecutor, and everything aligns to my benefit then I shall walk away without harm. Usually though I receive a wearied look of distain for wasting their time as they have wasted mine. probably a fine which I can ill afford. If he wants to be a prick i will receive a lecture, that irks me when these know nothing types try to argue from authority rather than logic. That is insulting.
Hey , what's the worst that can happen? Send me to a drug diversion program? That is where an ex junkie sprouts about the terrible things he has seen in the woodshed and parrots about the psycho mess made of his life and 'think of the kiddies; line. I feel like smacking them upside the head and telling them his classes are where druggies go to make new scoring contacts. Or sell him a decent bag so he can continue to sprout the nonsense, but not become so overtly depressed as to kill himself despite the lovely governt wage check he receives for the propaganda work.

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He said he plans to wear his Safer Shirt when he is in front of the Judge.

This should be interesting

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