Friday, November 8, 2013

Safer Chart requests per state

We have close to 400 people willing to wear a safer shirt in public. This is a great chance to inform new people about the relative safety of marijuana when compared to alcohol. T-shirts that say "marijuana is safer than alcohol" have been known to start conversations when worn in public places. The international cannabis community owes a thanks, and many have given thanks, to people who wear shirts in public and start conversations. Read this book to help improve your safer conversations

Here is a chart showing how many people per state have requested shirts. This chart only shows shirt requests for states that have requested 8 or more shirts.

It looks like Washington state is in the lead, with Ohio in second, and California in third.

I recently auctioned off a giant stencil that reads "Legalize Marijuana" with letters about 12 inches tall. The highest bid was $100. I get 40 shirts for $200 so the success of this auction will allow 20 more people to join Team Safer! :)

Thank you to all of the people who participated in the auction, it was a new style. I mailed the stencil off today after receiving a photo of the check that will be mailed to me soon. This is kind of an honors system auction, because someone could just take a picture of a check, wait for me to mail their stencil, then destroy the check. We will see how this honor auction works, and hopefully it goes somewhere. It allows me to avoid fees associated with Paypal and Ebay.

Donations are always welcome. Please tell your friends to check out
and here is a link to donate.

If you just want to mail a check or money order the address is

Safer Shirts
PO Box 26532
Federal Way WA

Thank you


  1. ((pssst. you can sort graph data on count))

    1. I just wanted to show a smaller number so the labels at the bottom were readable. I ended up using =countif(A2:A35, B2) etc.