Tuesday, November 12, 2013

450 Safer People

There are at least 450 Safer People around the world. There has to be way more than that because I started giving out +Safer Shirts before I created the "request free shirt" button on safershirts.org.

I am very happy to hear there are 450 people who are willing to wear a shirt that says "marijuana is safer than alcohol" in public.

I will be making shirts by hand out of used clothing from various thrift stores and donations from people who have donated blank shirts. I will be using fabric paint and stencils. Some of the stencils are created by printing and laminating in my house. I take the laminated print outs and cut the letters with scissors. Then I spray the back of the stencil with basting spray, wait for the basting spray to dry, press the stencil against the shirt, paint with a paint brush, peel the stencil off, hang the stencil up, and hang the shirt up.

I have also received some stencils from a friend who is using a laser machine to cut the letters out, I appreciate this contribution from a person in Safer Washington state very much.

Sometimes I order shirts from one of several friends who make shirts by screen printing. This is kind of a more professional looking t-shirt, and I'm very grateful I found a guy who will get me 40 shirts for 200 dollars as long as the shirts are XL or smaller.

I will continue making shirts by hand, having shirts made by screen printers, and mailing them out.

I appreciate all of the people who have found safer shirts and have offered to wear such a controversial t-shirt in public.

Educating people on the relatively safer nature of cannabis when compared to alcohol is important work and one can only hope that this message will be heard by lawmakers who will end the practice of arresting adults for making the safer choice to use marijuana instead of alcohol.

Please tell your friends about safershirts.org

Please emphasize that there is a place on safershirts.org where people can donate money.

Here is a link to the donate button on safershirts.org  http://bit.ly/safershirtsdonate1

safer shirts donate 1 is a bitly, it is easier to remember.

if you are reading this article on a smart phone, you can have your friend use the QR Code scanner on their smart phone to scan this which will take them straight to the donate page on safershirts.org

Thank you!

safer shirt at meeting of lawmakers


  1. stress a point with free T-shirt

    1. The word is getting out! The truth is becoming more available to more people!

  2. thank you for all you do to get the truth out

  3. I thank you greatly for such an awesome shirt. Can I mail a donation?