Thursday, October 31, 2013

Safer Shirts thoughts on 502

502 is Washington's marijuana legalization measure that got enough signatures and enough yes votes to pass. The reason why people voted "yes" for this is because 502 referred to itself using the word "legalization" when in reality it was more of a decriminalization measure.

I'm glad we removed penalties for possession of an ounce, but I don't understand why we changed the price for permission to homegrow from around $180 to around $1000.

In Washington state we had medical marijuana, which allowed people to grow at home. Now we have "totally legal" marijuana and we are going to see a huge reduction in the number of people allowed to grow.

I don't understand why people who live in a state where medical marijuana is legal would vote for "totally legal" marijuana as a way to regress into a state where we actually have less rights.

$180 for permission to grow is pretty expensive, if I was going to vote for a move from "medical marijuana" to "totally legal marijuana" I would think that my vote would either keep the cost of a permission slip for homegrow the same, or actually lead to a reduction in price. But the price went up! We voted for totally legal, and now we have to pay more money for permission to grow!

I don't think that is what the Yes-votes wanted.

I think 502 proponents created a false image of what passage of this law would really mean.

I'm glad we are seeing a reduction in marijuana arrests, I'm glad 502 created a way for us to point and say "See, look, a majority of people in Washington want 'totally legal' marijuana".

I'm angry that they are trying to take away our right to grow.

The Liquor Control Board had the balls to say (out loud) "Get rid of medical marijuana".
The Liquor Control Board thinks people who use marijuana medicinally will be able to use marijuana from the recreational stores.
Which they should, marijuana is marijuana. It is either covered in Trichomes, or it's not.
But we still want home grow. 

If the recreational stores don't have the same marijuana we've been using for years we are not going to be happy.

New recreational users might think marijuana that is less potent than what we've had is okay, but there are a lot of people in Washington who have been using marijuana for a long time, and they aren't going to fall for that.

They sell beer at the store, and people brew beer at home in Washington. 

Do you know what the price of a beer brewing permission slip is? Zero Dollars.
Here is some more info on that. Click Here.

If they are going to let us brew and share beer in Washington with no need for a license, they certainly should let us grow and share marijuana in Washington with no need for a license.

We have legal store beer, free home brewing, legal store weed, $1000 home growing.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol. Why is the price for permission to brew lower than the price for permission to grow? Why are we driving people to drink (homebrew)?