Monday, October 21, 2013


A facebook friend was telling a story about why they firmly believe that marijuana is safer than alcohol on Facebook. I thought I would type it here again so more people can see it.
A person can sit down and drink enough alcohol to kill him/herself. That is not possible with marijuana.

From a friend on Facebook:

not to put my life out there but , I am living proof, I was 15 and got really drunk, took my mom's car and crashed it at 120 mph. I was dead on the scene, was in a hospital for 10 weeks, 9 surgeries, had a colostomy bag, had to learn how to walk again, shattered my left leg, and had to reconstruct my back, it was a very dark time.

I have never done stupid things while "high" I have had a better life due to mother nature's medicine.

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