Monday, December 28, 2015

Mormon Mom says Legalize Marijuana

She says it helps with her Ehlers -Danlos syndrome (EDS). 

From an article over on Salt Lake City, Utah we can see that Enedina Stanger needs medical cannabis to help relieve the pain associated with bone movement from  EDS.

EDS is a rare genetic syndrome which causes a breakdown of connective tissues between bones.

Enedina Stanger was recently charged with child endangerment after a passerby reported the smell of marijuana coming from her car. The car in which Enedina was sitting was in a Wal-Mart parking lot when it was reported to the police.

The police eventually showed up and met with Enedina in the parking lot.

A day or two later Enedina was rolling into jail. From the article:

Stanger who is bound to a wheelchair, rolled into the Weber County jail this morning, with her husband and kids by her side. She says she "totally understood it was illegal" to smoke the marijuana in Utah "but had to risk it to be alive."

So this mother is going to jail for smoking a joint. She is being charged with child endangerment. To complicate the matter her children have been diagnosed with EDS.
Enedina is fighting for legalization for herself, and so this miracle herb will be available as a legal option for her children to manage their symptoms.

She says she has been a guinea pig as they try various pills that don't work as effectively as marijuana and leave her in a "drugged up" state.

From the article:

The young mother says she has taken the opiates her doctors have given her and "could not recognize" her daughters "if they were in front of me calling my name because I was so drugged up."

She uses cannabis because when she uses opiates she is not functional. The anti-pot folks are trying to steer her down a path of isolation trapped in a cage of opiate fog from which she can not escape and through which she is unable to interact with her children.

Here is a picture of some Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome EDS.

Marijuana helps Enedina with her EDS. But Anti-cannabis folks in Utah don't want Enedina to have access to this useful herb. These folks in Utah don't have EDS, they haven't used pills for EDS, they haven't used marijuana for EDS, they have not stepped into Enedina's shoes, yet they want to tell her how to live.

Enedina and her family have been members of the Mormon church for a long time. They say they were praying right before they found something suggesting they should try medical marijuana.

Enedina says marijuana saved her life.

From the article:

"I don't know how it works. I don't know why it works, but I know it does work and I know it does not make me high."

Enedina's Felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor, but she will still have to travel back and forth between Colorado and Utah regularly. She will be using the only therapy she has found to work in Colorado and traveling to Utah occasionally to take court ordered parenting classes.

She has family in Colorado and her daughters are not too happy about being forced to move away.

From the article:

Michael Stanger says the sudden move has been hard on their daughters who "cry about wanting to go to their preschool and going to Sunbeams at church." Both Michael and Enedina have family in Utah and desperately want to move back, but know they can't as long as she is using marijuana to treat her symptoms.

The way people have to go through the motions for all of this ill-advised paranoia just reminds me of the way some people have to control other people and invade their privacy.

Marijuana is safer than alcohol, yet here we have a woman traveling from state to state on a regular basis because it is assumed that parents who make the safer choice are endangering their children.

The people forcing people to bend over backwards to use cannabis need to look at the science, and stop using nonsense and fear as a justification to control and invade privacy.

Enedina is ready to fight to legalize in Utah, she plans to spend time advocating during the next legislative session.

From the article:

There are currently two bills set to go before the legislature in the upcoming session dealing with medical marijuana. One would allow for cannabis oil, the other pushes for the legalization of all forms of medical marijuana.

Tell your friends in Utah to call their representatives and lawmakers. Tell Utah to legalize marijuana.

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