Monday, August 31, 2015

Pandora Blue on instagram 1,800 Likes!

As of this writing a picture of Pandora Blue wearing a +Safer Shirts on instagram is around 1,800 "likes". I hope to see it get more likes in the future.

If a picture of a person wearing a safer shirt gets a lot of likes, that means a lot of people are looking at it. Not just the people who are clicking "like" but lots of other people too. If something has a lot of likes, Instagram assumes that it should be presented to a lot of people. If it gets presented to a lot of people, then there is a good chance it will get a lot of likes.

It is a phenomenon that kind of feeds off of itself. Internet viral popularity!

thank you for all of the help getting the safer message presented to a lot of people!

Remember if anyone disagrees with your safer shirt tell them to read the safer book!

Link to the safer book remember the Bitly: 

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