Saturday, February 14, 2015

Washington State Medical Marijuana Feb 14 2015

I just read an article talking about Washington state lawmakers looking to "reconcile the medical and recreational markets."

I was pretty disturbed by what I saw.

If I'm not mistaken, they seem to think that giving us "three times the amount that recreational users are allowed to possess" is some kind of a favor for which we should be grateful.

These lawmakers are clueless, horrible, evil people. I would say stupid, but they should know better.

They are paid to be stupid.

Washington voted for medical marijuana a long long time ago. Patients take care of patients with homegrows. Fifteen Plants and 24 Ounces is already a compromise from what we actually voted for which was a "60 Day Supply".

Here is a link to the article over on KOMO News.

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  1. If those brainless, clueless state legislators who want to cut medical patients short had anyone in their close family who NEEDED to be a medical marijuana patient, MAYBE --- just MAYBE --- maybe then they'd see the light. But it would take their own personal tragedy to happen for them to see it. Do they really want to see it that way, or do they want to take the full sworn testimony of we who gave up deadly BigPharma opioids and other poisons so we could fight with our last breaths for this? They need a demonstration of the worst hurting of us right in their faces, up close and personal. An ADA only hearing for ADA-needing patients ONLY, to be broadcast live on TVWA and one of the Seattle PBS networks, so the voters back at the farm can see what good their elected officials are doing for medical marijuana patients who would otherwise be useless zombies on opioids.