Sunday, February 15, 2015

118 Thousand Likes Safer Chong

You've already seen the picture of Tommy Chong holding his safer shirt up.
Thanks to +Xesia Anaya .

I heard Xesia was going to be meeting with Tommy Chong so I had her deliver a Safer Shirt to him.

Recently Cheech and Chong on Facebook accessed the photo (taken with Xesia's cell phone) through a page called "Weed Are The World". It received about 60,000 likes when it was shared from Weed Are The World through the Cheech and Chong Facebook Fan Page.

Then the Cheech and Chong Facebook page must have downloaded the photo then re-uploaded it.

When Cheech and Chong did this it it did quite a bit better in terms of likes and shares.

As of this writing the Safer Chong picture is at 118 thousand likes and 10,000 shares.

I'm embedding the Cheech and Chong Facebook Fan Page post here:

When you see 118 thousand likes you know at least 118 thousand people saw the Safer Message.

I'm so happy that Chong agreed to take a picture with this shirt, I'm so happy that Xesia delivered the shirt and took the picure. I'm so glad the admins over at the Cheech and Chong Facebook fan page decided to download the photo then re-upload it!

Thank you Xesia, Weed Are The World, and Cheech and Chong!

118 Thousand Likes 10 Thousand Shares!

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