Thursday, January 22, 2015

Georgia Lawmakers Defy pro-cannabis constituents

Bill Torpy over at Atlanta Journal-Constitution  writes:

The issue of medical marijuana is again at the Legislature, and even though 84 percent of Georgians support legalizing a pot-based medication, the bill was immediately watered down.

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Torpy says that Polling even suggests that Georgians support full legalization with 49% in support and 48% against.

Bill Torpy even pointed to a retired Prosecutor who is now speaking out about the damage that has been done, and admitting he feels bad for contributing to it:

But the debate, says former prosecutor J. Tom Morgan, misses a larger point — marijuana laws have criminalized hundreds of thousands of Georgians through the decades, tagging them with arrest records that often return years later to damage otherwise stellar citizens.

I'm glad to hear that citizens of Georgia support smarter marijuana laws. It is sad that the legislators are watering down recent attempts to remove penalties for folks who grow and provide cannabis to patients who need it.

Thank you Bill Torpy for writing this article

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  1. Indeed! If there is something that anyone needs, it's much more sensible marijuana laws, that will not only recognize its benefits and potential purposes, but also spread the truth about it. We can't live with falseness, and we certainly can't let ourselves be stuck with fear. There are always pros and cons to everything, we should just learn to weigh them properly. Thanks for sharing that, Jared! All the best to you!

    Brad Benson @ Canna Medbox