Friday, December 5, 2014

Robert Safer Clark Safer Arizona

Thank you Dave Wisniewski for filming Robert Safer Clark as he discusses Safer Arizona!

Dave has been spreading the safer message extremely well.

He is doing such an amazing job, I am confident that marijuana will be legal in Arizona soon.

Dave started the interview off by asking Robert Safer Clark "What does Safer Arizona stand for?"

Robert replied: 

"Safer Arizona is a group  of citizens that have come together to try and change policy in Arizona to make it safer for all of its citizens. By "safer" what we would like to see is a reform of our policing policies, and this starts with reforming our cannabis laws. The prohibition against cannabis has been used for a lot of years unjustly imprisoning non-violent people. So we're gonna work hard to change and reform cannabis laws here in Arizona. We also want back our civil liberties that have been lost due to the war on drugs, and the war against the people. We're gonna work through ballot initiatives through legislative measures to affect change in our policing policies in Arizona. We would like to see the end of the private prison industry here. We want to reform our forfeiture laws. There are a lot of other things we wanna see."

See the full video below

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