Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lottery for Pot License, then sold on Craigslist

I recently read an article on Cannalawblog that mentioned some business owners are being approached by folks attempting to sell marijuana production licenses that they won in a lottery.

The article noted that the lawyer has been receiving

"phone calls lately from companies asking us about Craiglist ads offering “Retail Marijuana Licenses,” “Applications for Licensure” and “I-502 Businesses” for sale. Our response has been to run (not walk) away from any such deals, at least for now. This is our advice for many reasons.
First, the State of Washington has yet to issue any cannabis licenses under I-502, so nobody can have any licenses to sell.
Second, even if people did have such licenses, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (“LCB”) has made clear that it will not allow any such sales."

This seems to be circumventing the path created by Allison Holcomb and Washington state Lawmakers and the Liquor Control Board.

The lottery was put in place because they wanted fairness in the distribution of the small number of licenses.

Their attempt to keep things fair failed.

When big business and big government work together to benefit each other while ignoring the rest of us, our equality in how our country is run disintegrates.
Every person gets one vote, but somehow people with more money are able to influence lawmaking in ways that make voters powerless.

Cops should stop arresting people for marijuana. 502 did stop a lot of arrests, but it seems like in some ways adults can still be arrested for marijuana.

At least penalized. I have not yet heard of a case where a person was caught growing one plant in his/her house after 502 passed. I imagine when the news story does hit the media it will surprise many.

If marijuana is legal why is it still possible for adults to be punished for growing one plant in his/her house?

I understand people can try to get a recreational marijuana growing license, but for the most part, it's not gonna work.

People can try to get permission to grow marijuana as hard as they want, they're not going to get it.

The only people allowed to grow marijuana are the people who received licenses when the government distributed them "fairly" with a lottery.

All other growers will be punished, to what degree is not yet clear.

Here is the article on Cannalawblog:
article here
article here
article here

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