Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beautiful Women of Safer Shirts

I was just going through some pictures of people wearing safer shirts and I thought I should make a blog post with some of the beautiful women who wear safer shirts.

So without further delay, here we go.

Gladys Zimmerman was a great friend of mine who wore her safer shirt out in public quite often. I really enjoyed the time I got to spend with her, I wish I could have spent more. I made her some medicated lotion once and she like it.

Here you can see a photo taken by The Northwest Leaf of the Concentrate Cup at MMJ Universe in Black Diamond, Washington.

Here is a picture of my friend Shari Goen in a Safer Shirt, I think she was at the hospital when this picture was taken.

Here is a picture of a friend of mine wearing their safer shirt in the alcohol section of a store.

Here are a couple of good friends Stephanie Bishop and Allison Bigelow wearing the rare "cannabis is safer than monsanto" shirt.

This woman has made several embroidered patches for me over the years for free. She is way too nice! Please go to her website and order some embroidered stuff!

This awesome person is holding their shirt up while standing behind the counter at the liquor store.

Here is a good friend of mine wearing her rare "cannabis is safe" shirt at an event with some banana guys.

Here is a picture of my friend wearing her shirt at a Sonshine Organics event!

Here are some of my good friends Ms. Mason and Karen Elton wearing their safer shirts.

Here is a picture of my friend Dawn Darington wearing her safer shirt on stage at Seattle Hempfest!
Thank you to Gloria Kalteich for taking such a great picture!

Here is a good friend of mine Cat Jeter, she works for NWCZ Radio's Green Stream every Wednesday from 4 pm to 5 pm.

Here is Sharon Whitson from Seattle Hempfest wearing her Safer Hoodie at Hempfest Central!