Saturday, November 15, 2014

CPS Taking Kids in Bellingham for marijuana

A Good friend of ours is having their kid taken away in Bellingham. CPS noticed marijuana in their house and have decided that the kids are in danger because "medical marijuana is illegal".

Here is some more information from Serra Frank on Facebook:

Bellingham, WA
Child Protective Services (CPS) is at it again in Washington State over Medical Marijuana.
This time it's Bellingham over a beautiful 5 year old red-headed boy named Jerry.
Jerry's parents, Vicca & Jesse Thompson, are founding members of Ferntucky Medical, a patient cooperative that is also used to grow medicine.
This department of CPS, through social worker Gale Gannon, has said that "Medical Marijuana is Illegal and their child is in immediate danger." And has even ordered then to shut down their cooperative or risk losing their son for good.
CPS follows federal law and wrongfully believes that Medical Marijuana parents are dangerous to their children, and that Jerry being around parents who have a dispensary and grow medicine is child neglect.
They have scheduled a Family Team Meeting for Friday Morning to discuss Jerry's "safety" and are using intimidation through threat of police presence to force these parents into giving up their rights to their child, and their right to NOT be questioned without an attorney present.
All because of Marijuana, which is legal TWICE OVER in Washington State.
Please join The Fight for Lilly Foundation,, along with members of Moms for Marijuana International, and The Human Solution International, in support of Jerry, Vicca & Jesse, as we attend this Family Team Meeting with them.
We will be at the Bellingham CPS Office at 1720 Ellis St., Bellingham, WA 98225 at 8:30am, Friday Morning - November 14, 2014.
Just ask to be part of the Team Meeting for Jerry, Vicca & Jesse Thompson or ask to speak with social worker Gale Gannon.
Afterwards we will be making sure CPS really remembers us by decorating the public sidewalks outside their office with pretty colorful chalk messages about CPS corruption.
If you are in the Bellingham area, or willing to travel, please join us!!
Please view our event page here -

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