Friday, September 19, 2014

Marijuana or beer after work? Which one gets you fired?

I posted a link to Camping Mike from Spokane speaking to the news about how difficult it is to get a job since he has been on the front of the newspaper demanding attention be paid to the injustice of marijuana prohibition, specifically by directing focus to an irrefutable fact, that marijuana is safer than alcohol.

Public policy should reflect this, public sentiment should reflect this.

If a person is allowed to have a one beer every night after work and tell their boss the next day without fear, a person should certainly be allowed to have a joint every night and tell their boss about it the next day without fear.

This is not the case though. We still have to help people change their mind by presenting them with the facts.

There are some great comments under the link when I shared it on Safer Shirts Facebook.

Here is an example:

Benjamin Hall I worked for a place once, a metal shop that made highly technical parts, some for the military. I was one of the most prolific and productive workers at this plant. Top notch! They had to do a mandatory piss test for the Military Contract. I told them that I wouldn't be able to pass that test as I use cannabis. They had to fire me. They also lost that contract as they were not able to produce as many parts as they had while I was working there. This employer wanted desperately to keep me on the payroll as I made them a good profit and I was highly proficient at what I did. I lost a good job, they lost a good worker and the military had to look for another company (over seas) to make their product. No one won anything, every one lost. Now is that good business? Is that profitable, equitable, fair?

Thank you to Camping Mike, and KREM 2 News from Spokane for being an activist and covering this story.

Thanks again Camping Mike. Safer Spokane!

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