Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kevin Oliver Spokane WA NORML

Here is a post from a friend of mine on Facebook named Kevin Oliver.

He is a member of Washington NORML active in Eastern Washington.
Which is good because a lot of the city councilmembers in eastern WA are stuck in the stone age when it comes to marijuana and a number of other personal freedom issues.

Thank you Kevin for all you have done for cannabis activism over the years.

I remember trying to arrange signature gathering events with you during 1068 and 1149 but various things got in the way, car trouble, work schedule conflict, etc.

We disagreed on 502, I felt some of the compromises like 5 ng/ml DUID and $1,000 dollar lottery tickets for growing rights were not a good way to do legalization, but I have tried to maintain a relationship because one thing I've learned from doing grassroots activism is you have to set aside your differences because we are much more effective when we collaborate.

Anti-marijuana people work together to accomplish their evil goals, pro-cannabis folks need to work together to accomplish their good goals.

Kevin Oliver has been pushing for a change in marijuana laws for a long time and for that I am grateful.

For anyone who believes $1,000 for a lottery ticket to grow marijuana is not the right way to do legalization, check out Real Legalization and read their petition 648 which would allow every adult to grow up to 15 plants with no Tax, Fee, License, Permit, or Registry.

Link to Real Legalization Here

Thanks again

  • Michael Wilson I once upon a time tried to raise the issues related to juveniles with Kevin and he decided to ignore me which became the major reason I dropped out of the Norml group in Olympia.
  • Jared Allaway Michael Wilson rocks.
  • LordDennis Ford Michael, Eastern Washington NORML disbanded because we couldn't ever get Kevin or anyone else from WA NORML to do anything or answer a phone even. There were other reasons, but unfortunately WA NORML is incredibly ineffective and out of touch. I mean, we were told we couldn't do anything without permission, and we couldn't get permission for anything lol. Oh well.


  1. I truly hope he is a cannabis success story and not yet another "lead & bleed" story, as the WA LCB has setup ALL first timers to become in this new, fledgling field. To serve merely as stepping stones for inevitable future successes not a kind way for a bureaucracy to treat initiators. But greed most always trumps kindness, so it seems.