Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Casino

I had a guy come up to me at Seattle Hempfest and tell me that he tried to wear his safer shirt to the casino.

The casino security talked to him and told him he would need to leave, change his shirt, wear a courtesy shirt from the casino to cover it up, or wear his shirt inside out.

The reason they asked him not to wear his "marijuana is safer than alcohol" t-shirt in the casino was because some of the customers "find it offensive".

The guy who was asked to cover his safer shirt was not happy. He told me that he started telling the security guard off. He told the security guard that he is a patient, how it helps him, how marijuana actually is safer, how people get arrested for marijuana charges and die while in jail due to inadequate care.

I was so happy to hear this story from a person who received a safer shirt.

This is what it is all about. Confronting misconceptions head on. These misconceptions shape public policy, and public policy that punishes cannabis consumers is wrong.

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