Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Musician at a bar

A guy talking to me at Seattle Hempfest about his safer shirt told me that he does what he can to spread the message. He wears the shirt at any gig that will let him, and he consumes cannabis too.

One venue owner came up with a rule that any musician who smells like they smoked cannabis recently will not be allowed to play there. 

The safer musician did not like this at all. Almost every member of the band went to smoke, and came back smelling like it. 

The venue owner told one of his workers to tell one particularly smokey band mate that he would have to leave. When this band mate left, the safer musician couldn't stop himself. 

He walked out of there too. They worked with other venues in the area and have increased attendance at other bars that actually tolerate smokey musicians. 

Another great story from another great safer shirt wearing person. 

I wish I could do a better job of writing them out, luckily Blogspot posts can be edited, so later when I evolve into a good writer and can come back and make changes. 

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  1. i would be very happy to ware one of these shirts, but i would much rather it said CANNABIS IS SAFER THAN BOOZE... & it's waaaaay more fun too!!!
    thnx fer yer time, eh!
    B) M