Saturday, August 30, 2014

Aaron Kram Safer Arizona

Safer Arizona lost a volunteer recently.
Aaron Kram had helped Safer Arizona on a number of occasions, spreading the safer message wearing shirts, holding banners and helping to legalize cannabis in Arizona by collecting signatures on petitions.

Here is a message from Franklin Orvis of Safer Arizona:

HIS STORY; he was one of the top motorcross riders in the state, a couple of years back he got into a riding accident on his dirt bike - breaking his leg real bad! Doctors repaired much of the damage from the incident but prescribed him with painkillers. He became addicted to pills which is the reason he is not here today. Aaron may you rest in peace

 Safer Arizona is remembering Aaron Kram with a photo on their Facebook page and discussing some of the times friends volunteered for activism together in the Safer Arizona Facebook group.

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