Sunday, April 13, 2014

Safer Puncture

You may have seen recent articles indicating that acupuncture works by stimulating the bodies ability to generate it's own cannabis (endocannabinoids).

Here is a bit from PubMed:

"These findings suggest that electroacupuncture (EA) potentiates the local release of endogenous anandamide (cannabis made inside the human body) from inflamed tissues. Activation of peripheral CB2 (cannabinoid) receptors contributes to the analgesic effect of EA on inflammatory pain."

I thought this was very interesting. I saw some people talking about it in a Facebook group.
One person pointed to the new research and asked

"This has some intriguing implications. I wonder if anyone has ever used acupuncture in conjunction with cannabis as a targeted cancer treatment?"

Some people commented under that question

Person 1:
"I was doing this with my therapist ingesting bud in an oil extracted cannabis concentrate.. Plus I was using the oil topically during out sessions with 1.5 inch needle in my hip. Massage therapy and acupuncture go hand in hand!!!with cannabis"

Person 2:
"I used *highly* cannabinoid activated acupuncture sessions and achieved highly significant recovery from HIV-med fried nerves, even straightened my toes, curled by a neurological condition since birth - at the age of 49!"

Person 2 again:
"Thanks to the acupuncturist - an MS patient himself and also cannabis patient ... he used me in doctoral thesis, he treated me, I treated him."

My thoughts:
This is awesome to me, I'm glad people are able to study cannabis considering how many government barriers often stand in the way. This acupuncture study adds more evidence to prove that our body produces its own cannabis, and when we supplement our body's own cannabis-producing system, whether with electroacupuncture, or by consuming plant compounds that match our endocannabinoids, pain can be reduced and our body can repair itself.

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