Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eric Holder was Safer in College

In an interview by The Huffington Post Eric Holder admitted to "youthful experimentation" with marijuana.

Well if he did experiments with marijuana and alcohol, he probably could tell that marijuana was safer than alcohol.

He also said "Well, I'll tell you, as a former judge, I had to put in jail substantial numbers of young people for possessory drug offenses, and it was not from the perspective I had as a judge necessarily a good use of law enforcement resources,"

Marijuana is safer than jailing young people and saddling them with a record that makes them unemployable.

I'm glad Holder is thinking about cannabis prohibition and its effect on people. Hopefully we the people can continue moving forward, educating our neighbors and changing minds. If we change enough minds, and convince enough people that marijuana should be at least as legal as alcohol (it should probably be even more legal) then we can get elected officials who are supposed to represent us to consider the effect their opinion could have on future voting results.

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