Monday, May 6, 2013

Testimony from a healthcare professional

I hear a lot of interesting stories from people that I meet when I'm carrying giant signs, or making shirts and mailing them out to people. I heard this story from someone who worked in the Health field for a long time, and I just had to reproduce it here for you to read. Thank you for wearing shirts, and checking out this article: 

Thank you for giving me an opportunity to work and change here in Texas! I worked in the health care for over 28 years, the last 3 years of it I had the pleasure of volunteering at a Medical Clinic that helped Medical Cannabis Patients In Washington State. 

I not only watched patient's lives IMPROVE on medical cannabis I saw them decrease MANY Synthetic medication's with harmful side effects.

I am now Medically disabled due to Pharmaceutic Synthetic Medication's and the damage done to my organ's.

I am a Medical Cannabis Advocate and now a Patient! Documented in my medical records, and listed under CURRENT MEDICATIONS.

There are THOUSANDS whom share the same! 

As a Health Care Worker With 28 years experience with direct Patient care I have never seen a death associated with Medical cannabis, I can still tell you the name of the first patient I lost to Accidental overdose on Prescribed Synthetic Medication.

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