Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Friends, Family Remember Toni Anderson

Marijuana Activist Toni Anderson battled cancer before finally passing away recently. She also fought injustice and supported the reform of marijuana laws. 

Toni Anderson and her husband Colt Demorris founded El Paso NORML in January of 2014.

Click here for an article explaining more about Toni's fight with cancer.

She should have had access to more cannabis oil so she could try to stop the cancer from spreading through her body but she lived in a state where marijuana cultivation, sharing, and use is illegal.

There is a fund raiser to help pay for the memorial.

Please contribute what you can and ask your friends to contribute.
Click Here to Go to Fund Raiser

Thank you to Toni for all the fighting you've done over the years!

Look at the news piece on Fox News in Texas
Click Here to Go to News Piece

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