Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekly Wednesday Legalize Arizona Phoenix

Every Wednesday in Phoenix Arizona there is an opportunity for marijuana activists to meet other marijuana activists and work on legalizing marijuana.

So think, what day is it? How many days til Wednesday?

If you live in Arizona, or if you know anyone who lives in Arizona tell them to be a marijuana activist and get marijuana legal in Arizona!

Click The Button Below to add this recurring Arizona event to your calendar.

Click Here to view all of the Safer Events on The Calendar, This is a nationwide calendar, so it might be a little jam packed, but still interesting to check!

Thank you to Arizona Marijuana Activists!

Thank you Google Calendar for making it easy to display a month calendar format on my blog!

Thank you Google Calendar for giving me the code for a nifty little button that makes it easy to copy an event from a public calendar to my personal calendar (where I can add alarms and reminder notifications, works great on my Android Phone).

Photo of Arizona Legalizer Kimberly Draughan 

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