Monday, January 4, 2016

Washington Pot Production Versus Consumption

How much weed can Washingtonians smoke?
I was reading an article over on MJBizdaily

regarding the amount of cannabis being produced compared to the amount being consumed in Washington state. 

I thought it was interesting that the recreational growers were often growing too much. 

Either more consumers need to materialize, consumption habits among current users need to change, or something. Maybe if Washington tourism statistics change.

People in the article seem to suggest that Washingtonians are not consuming as much marijuana as growers want because growers are growing low-quality marijuana.

From the article:

Christopher Macaluso, a longtime cultivator in California who co-founded Canna Group, which provides consulting to cultivators in the northwest states said this:

“If I was sitting on a surplus beyond a month and a half, I’d need to take a look in the mirror and either get more in tune with producing a higher-quality product, or I’d be taking a more business or corporate savvy approach to how I was pricing my product, looking at this from a long term play rather than a short term here and now,”

read the full article here

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