Saturday, January 2, 2016

Marijuana Is Safer Than Imidacloprid And Myclobutanil

In an article over on The Cannabist we learn that a cannabis infused candy maker voluntarily recalled 99 thousand suckers over concerns regarding banned pesticide use by source cultivators.

In the article it says that
Mountain High Suckers voluntarily recalled 99,574 packages of its suckers, lozenges and powdered candy
It also says that the cannabis was grown for the candy maker by two cultivation companies 
Western Remedies and Rocky Mountain Farmacy

The state of Colorado has found certain pesticides to be a threat to public health and safety and upon reading that "spinosad" was used in the production of cannabis candies state inspectors dug further.
Spinosad being listed as a pesticide on the Mountain High suckers label was the result of an accident where old labels were placed on Mountain High products.

For more information on Mountain High's candy recall and Colorado Pesticide rules please consider this article on The Cannabist:
Largest pot recall yet: Mountain High Suckers pulls nearly 100,000 packages


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