Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Millions of Pot Dollars Distributed to Washington Cities

Different articles say different things on WA Pot Tax Distribution

when it comes to the distribution of tax dollars collected through the sale of recreational marijuana in Washington state you could get a very different idea regarding the details depending on where you look.

I was reading 420 Leaks because they often have the story the mainstream has been paid to suppress.

420 Leaks is saying that a public records request to the Washington state Liquor and Cannabis board produced little to no information.

from 420Leaks.com

The WSLCB has stated in a public records request response that they’ve “…performed a search of our records including inquiry to the Finance Division for the WSLCB. We have discovered no records that are responsive to this request, as the Finance Division has indicated to us no such disbursements have occurred to date.” 

420Leaks goes on to say that if there are no records as to the specific way in which funds were distributed that funds actually were not distributed.

Here is from another article over on MyNorthwest.com

"It's very broad," Bock said of HB 2136, that allows the state to share the tax funds. "It references public safety, it references marijuana enforcement. It doesn't define those two things. Those are pretty broad categories."

"It does provide them a great deal of flexibility," she said.

Maybe the "flexibility" being discussed here refers to the nature in which public records requests will be handled.

More interesting pieces from the MyNorthwest.com article pointed at Pierce County compared to Tacoma.

From MyNorthwest.com

Tacoma is an interesting example. The state is handing 60 percent of the pot tax funds to counties, and 40 percent to cities. But Tacoma's surrounding county, Pierce County, banned pot sales, therefore, all the tax funds go directly to Tacoma.

When I read that, I think "good thing those activists worked on Tacoma Initiative One, making marijuana lowest enforcement priority in Tacoma."

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