Monday, November 30, 2015

Columbia City Holistic Seattle

Columbia City Holistic is a medical marijuana access point in Seattle Washington.
They are suing the city of Seattle in response to the city's efforts to shut them down after marijuana was legalized with 502. Here is the website built by folks from Columbia City Holistic where you can find info on how to help them fight the city, stay open, and help medical patients in the South Seattle area.

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Columbia City Holistic Health filed suit at the end of September alleging that the city's taxing and regulation of medical marijuana businesses is unlawful because the industry is still illegal under federal law.

Douglas Hiatt, the attorney who is representing the shop in the suit, said this is an issue that has come up since the passage of I-502.

"This was predictable," Hiatt said. "It's going to wipe out medical marijuana, just wait and see."

Defendants in the suit are the city of Seattle, Mayor Ed Murray, and department heads.

Things have been different in Washington since April when the state decided to shut down unlicensed medical marijuana shops after Washington voted to legalize.

Then Seattle as a city went beyond the state and decided to close any medical shops that opened after Jan. 1, 2013.

Hiatt and Columbia City Holistic Health claim in the lawsuit that the city's regulations of medical marijuana are in conflict with state law. The city disagrees.

The deputy chief of staff at the Seattle City attorney's office (John Schochet) thinks that going against voter wishes by eliminating medical marijuana access points is okay.
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"As the city, we have the power to regulate businesses and assess taxes," said Mr. Schochet. "We believe our ordinance is constitutional and will defend that in court."

Doug Hiatt argues that the medical marijuana access point is allowed to prevent state and city officials from looking at business records because marijuana is federally illegal. The fifth amendment protects against self-incrimination.

 Picture of Columbia City in Seattle

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