Friday, September 4, 2015

Karen C Reeves in Texas

I just wanted to write about Karen C Reeves in Texas because she is doing a great job spreading the safer message.

Here is some information about a group Karen works for called: CenTex Community Outreach

CenTex Community Outreach is Educating One Texan at a Time about Cannabis Reform with the Latest News and Information about the Texas Legislation Process

Karen Teaches people about Jury Nullification in Texas and helps people get involved talking to lawmakers in her area. 

Here is some more information from the CenTex Facebook page:

CenTex Community Outreach is much more than a collection of people with a common goal. It entails a professional attitude, a perspective, and a responsible predisposition that enables its members to discuss and share what they know, to improve the quality of life for those individuals seeking to gain Medical Marijuana Access, and to help change the marijuana laws of the State of Texas and the United States. It involves a willingness to become a representative voice for the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, dispelling decades of rhetoric with scientific fact and evolving trends, and to support the different ways of obtaining the ultimate goal, to end Marijuana Prohibition nationwide. Ultimately, CenTex NORML Women's Alliance Community Outreach embodies a striving towards completing any task necessary to ensure that all Texans, and Americans alike, are able to obtain the medication necessary, as recommended by a physician, to treat or cure their illnesses, and to ensure the rights and liberties contained and expressed in the “Constitution,” which are embodied in every citizen, are not infringed upon by our government or any of its entities..

I had an interview with Karen recently.

yep. Thanks. I was able to go lobby this year too about six times in Austin . I went to two activist trainings in Austin and Houston That was fun.. Changing hearts and minds one Texan at a time!! Did you hear the speech I recorded? I had my first centex meeting and only two people showed up. lol. I had recorded my first read through to see if I could even do it. smile emoticon after that we joined the NORML of Waco group at the corner to protest
It always starts small

yep. .Onward and Upward.. thank you for the continued support you've shown my family. I value your friendship more than I can say!

NORML of Waco looks really cool, they are using an image that my Friend Doc O'Zee with Safer Stencils created a while back.

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