Thursday, April 23, 2015

Marijuana for Alzheimer's

I was recently reading an article over on about marijuana and it's effects on Alzheimer's.

They said researchers at the University of South Florida are investigating

potential therapeutic qualities of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with respect to slowing or halting the hallmark characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease.”

So they picked up some research grade Alzheimer’s cells (N2a-variant amyloid-β protein precursor (AβPP) cells) and applied doses of THC and examined them for amyloid-β

 They found that THC

“directly interacts” with amyloid-β, “thereby inhibiting aggression”. THC was also effective at lowering other key Alzheimer’s Disease markers. Furthermore “no toxicity” was observed from the THC. The researchers also found THC “enhances” the function of the cell’s energy factories — the mitochondria.

The study's Lead Author (neuroscientist at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute and the USF College of Pharmacy) said:

“THC is known to be a potent antioxidant with neuroprotective properties, but this is the first report that the compound directly affects Alzheimer’s pathology by decreasing amyloid beta levels, inhibiting its aggregation, and enhancing mitochondrial function,”

 Here is a link to the full article:

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