Monday, January 19, 2015

Lacey WA City Medical Marijuana Regulations

Three medical marijuana shops in Lacey, WA have had different results with efforts to comply with city regulations. As described in this article in The Bellingham Herald.

Northwest Collective said they would stand their ground.

This is good, I've known the people at Northwest Collective for a long time. Joe McConkey and the other folks at Northwest Collective have been very helpful with Safer Shirts and as you can see, The picture used for this article had a Safer Shirt right behind Joe.

The city attorney said the reason why some of the other collectives recently closed down has nothing to do with letters that were sent out a couple months ago.

Article in the Bellingham Herald

In September the city sent letters out asking them to comply with the “specific guidelines of a ‘collective’ as defined in Lacey municipal code.”

Some of the problems include Collectives are located too close to schools.

Some of the collective owners have asked for extensions so they have more time to get into compliance.

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