Thursday, January 1, 2015

Kicked Out of Urinalysis Lab For Wearing Safer Shirt

I was speaking with some friends on Facebook recently when one of them to whom I had sent safer shirts mentioned that his recent visit to the Urinalysis Lab was more interesting than usual due in part to the fact that he was wearing a safer shirt.

Here is what he had to say:

Got my ass tossed out of the place where I get my monthly UA, for refusing to take off my safer shirt. Apparently the first amendment hasn't made much of an impression in the parasitic, federally funded business of piss evaluation. They reported me to my probation officer who, in turn, educated THEM on the association between having a federal contract and being obligated to FOLLOW THE FUCKING LAW.
If you sign a contract with the federal government and act at the behest of same federal government, you ARE, by proxy, an agency of the federal government and as such you are obligated to tolerate any expression of free, nonthreatening, speech regardless of how you may feel about it.
If there are any more people here in Spokane that are required to submit to these humiliating UA's and would like a safer shirt to wear when you go there just let me know. I have plenty of them in three basic sizes.

I can't believe the people at the lab tried to tell you you can't pee while wearing a shirt that states a scientifically proven fact!

I'm glad your probation officer told them what was up!

Thank you Jerry for wearing your shirt everywhere! Even to places where most people might not have the guts!

You have been an awesome Cannabis Activist in your area of Washington state for a long time! 

Thank you again!

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