Monday, January 12, 2015

Haney, Corva, and Holcomb Marijuana Washington

I saw Dominic Corva made some comments about an article with Alison Holcomb in it.

Jedediah Haney from Yakima re-shared Dominic's Comments and started a healthy discussion.

You can see perspectives and arguments from a lot of different sides in this thread.

I encourage everyone to read it and learn about Washington marijuana.

Also learn how to engage in a conversation without being a dick.

Here is a little taste

From Alison Holcomb

Alison Holcomb As for answering the question, "How can you think legal canabis is ready to take over from medical access points right now," Dominic, I need some clarification -- are you genuinely worried that bona fide patients won't have affordable access to cannabis, or do you think it's important we let "medical access points" continue selling to people who don't meet the intended meaning of "qualifying patient" until prices come down?

To this I would reply we already know how much marijuana is supposed to cost. The taxes connected to 502 marijuana are based on greed. Government employees want to get paid a lot of money to do nothing, this is why there is such a high tax.

The idea that a low-income elderly person would switch from paying $8 per gram to $40 per gram is insane, and only an evil person would make such a proposal.

Dominic Corva is Managing Director and Founder at the Center for the Study of Cannabis and Social Policy

Jedidiah Haney is President at Cause M

Alison Holcomb is from ACLU Washington and New Approach Washington also known as 502

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