Thursday, November 20, 2014

Goldendale Mayor "Marijuana license is like a regular license"

The city council in Goldendale, Washington is upset because when the mayor received a notification that someone in his town was becoming a licensed recreational marijuana business, he didn't share that information with the city council. 

I like the Mayors reasoning you can see here from an article on

"He said because it was just another regular license request, like a liquor license"

Marijuana is regular, it has always been regular, it is just official now. 

I'm glad the mayor treated it like it was regular, I think the city council needs to chill out. 

There are some concerns over the fact that it is illegal on a federal level. Well, that doesn't matter. When voters in your state say they want to take a stand and do something different, the officials need to step up and fight to keep our state the way the voters want it, or find another state to live in.

Washington wants it legal Goldendale City Council, voters in your community will see that having a safer option available increases the peace in your town. 

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