Monday, October 27, 2014

Safer Than No-Knock Raids

A man in Belton Texas recently tried to defend himself by shooting at some men who were climbing through a window into his house.

It turns out the men who were climbing in were police.

Apparently they received a tip that there was drug activity and the cops decided to sneak into his house to see if there was any drug activity there. They did not find any drug activity there.

As one would expect, the owner of the house shot at the people who were sneaking in.

The person who was trying to defend himself from intruders is being charged with murder of a police officer and attempted murder of the other police officers he shot at as they were trying to sneak into his house.

So it turns out it is illegal to shoot at people who are sneaking into your house if the people sneaking into your house are police officers using bullshit tips from bullshit tipsters to justify their intrusion, and invasion of privacy.

Just because drugs exist doesn't mean we get to throw due process out the window.

The problems created by prohibition are way worse than any problems prohibition claims it intended to resolve. 

The decay of our right to privacy in this country is something that should not be tolerated.

The report on the Killeen Daily Herald almost makes it seem like the guy shooting the intruders is a cop killer. The news agency really needs to present the facts in a more non-biased manner.

Tell the Killeen Daily Herald what you think about this complete travesty of justice and the way they presented the story in a completely unfair way.

Thank you

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