Thursday, June 5, 2014

Wrong Way to Write a Blog Post

I've been working with Blogspot for a while now. I like the simplicity (also I'm trying to use money from ads in the margins to pay for T-shirt give aways). There are some issues. One is, depending on how you put images in your blogs, your preview thumbnails on various social networks could look pretty bad.

One thing I don't like is getting the dreaded Wrench and Screwdriver image as a tiny image next to the article I'm trying to share. It makes it seem as thought the link will take you to a work in progress, when it actually takes you to something that is the final version.

I'm sure some people see the wrench and screwdriver and wonder if the link is real, if it takes you somewhere bad. I don't know. I wouldn't be surprised if people hesitate to click the link because the tiny image next to the article isn't, I don't know, anything other than a wrench and screwdriver.

I put pictures in my blog posts in a variety of ways. I can upload them to Blogspot, I can use image URLs from my own Google Plus albums, or I can use image URLs from anywhere else on the internet.

If I want a good image (not wrench and screwdriver) to appear next to my articles on social networking sites, I need to upload a picture to Blogspot. I can't use the image URL feature.

I will be working this, I hope every article that comes out after this point has a good tiny image next to the article.

Remember, remember, upload to Blogspot, don't use the image URL!


Thank you for reading.

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Here is a good image:

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