Saturday, June 14, 2014

Good things happen sometimes

Sometimes I wonder if Safer Shirts is ever going to get the support that it needs to equip willing activists around the world. Well, recently there have been a couple of good things that make me feel continued increasing support may be on the way. 

Recently there was a person from Kentucky who was impressed with the work I'm doing who set up recurring donations of $25 through Paypal. Once per month I will receive $25 from this person which will help pay for t-shirts from thrift stores, fabric paint, envelopes, postage, sometimes it will go to pay my shirt guy at the screenprint shop. 

I paint on a lot of shirts from the thrift shop, but it is kind of slow so I occasionally go to a screenprint shop to speed things up and get very simple shirts (white letters on black background men's shirts) produced and distributed. 

Another good thing happened recently. The good people at Patient Cannabis Exchange in Tacoma 

Requested a Safer Patch using the Safer Patch button on

These patches are a gift for people who donate at the $10 level. 

After Patient Cannabis Exchange received their Patch, they donated $100!

This will help tremendously in the production and distribution of a very important activist tool: The Safer Shirt.

Thank you to all of the people who have supported Safer Shirts. 

I will continue to show my appreciation to the best of my ability for supporters. 

I have a hard time getting on the computer as often as I need to lately, if I fail to show appreciation for something please send me a reminder to safershirts at gmail

Thank you! :) 

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  1. Thank you Jared for the important work you are doing. Have you contacted Chief greenbud? I soon will be in a position of $ help but for now.. this referal.. also, where is Willie Nelson.. He should kick a few bucks for the cause I'd hope.. I just met a friend of his and will try to make a contact that way for you.. I have some Music that is all cannabis friendly but NOT in the Media as I'd wish.. music world is a strange event especially for we Folk musicians who don't want the glory or fame or Money really, just that the message gets out.. Peace N all the good stuff. Evie ps I put you on my FB also.