Saturday, April 5, 2014

On a roll

Luckily I have friends who help me in my goal to get a safer shirt to every person who is willing to wear one. One way to make sure all who are willing to wear a safer shirt get one is to get stencils to any person who is willing to paint on a thrift store shirt.
I make stencils in a couple of different ways.
One way is to print on eight and a half by 11 paper, then laminate that, then cut the letters out leaving bridges.
Another way is to have my friend Doc O'Zee run a roll of stencil material through is plotter printer with a razor cutter tip.
After the razor plotter has cut the stencil you can see the letters are ready to go, but there is one more step, where pieces of letters are peeled away from the stencil backing, revealing much more of what the stencil will actually look like. Doc has coined the process of removing pieces of letters "weeding".
The final is when the recipient of the stencil peels the stencil off of the non-stick backing, and sticks the sticky stencil on the thrift store shirt.
Thank you to every person willing to wear a shirt, thank you to every person willing to stencil a shirt, and thank you to every person willing to help me make stencils.
Special thanks to my friend Doc O'Zee and his razor plotter cutter, jokingly named "robot stencil slave".
The "Stencil Request" button can be seen at the top of the page you're looking at right now, right here, at
Roll of stencil material
"weeded" stencils


  1. hey guys....i am in oly...and i would really like a stencil that says ...cannabis is medicine....and don't want to put my info here....we are friends on face book...with Jared A.....Dana let me know....

  2. Safer Stencils will launch soon (4/20).
    There will be "standard stencils" available for direct purchase.
    There will also be a "custom stencil service" for those willing to pay for a custom stencil. Above request falls in the custom category.

    Safer Stencils is not a FREE model, nor will it ever be. Not a corporate employee that draws a regular paycheck, Safer Stencils is an entirely self funded commercial entity through and through and cannot afford to indiscriminately give away valuable time. Thank you for your understanding and support!

  3. I have a few bands that I know and have been working with through Safer AZ and The HUMAN solution. I could really help to get shirts out there. I have the bands talking about them and getting signatures everywhere they play already. Not only are they themselves asking about getting some but they could toss to fans or whatever. Please contact me so we may discuss this in more detail. Thank you, Karen