Sunday, February 9, 2014

Dave Wisniewski and Safer Arizona

I just saw one of the Safer Arizona Volunteers posted this picture of the guy who got Safer Arizona started:
Dennis Bohlke had this to say under the picture:
"Congratulations Dave Wisniewski!!! Bravo More than 3000 likes.

Dave is one of the core founders of Safer Arizona. He's the guy that came up with the name. He has managed our web presents from day one, this facebook group is his idea.

He has managed to bring us together in ways we could have never imagined when we started this. And all the while he has been in harms way serving our country in South Korea.

In about four weeks he's coming home to civilian life.

It is going to be a pleasure to really meet him. I think he is famous and nobody knows it yet.

Please salute my hero Dave Wisniewski.

Dennis Bohlke
Safer Arizona"

Dave Wisniewski commented under the picture of himself:
That Pic of me holding a single shot grenade launcher was when i was stationed at Fort Lewis in Tacoma Washington. That's when I would support and cheer for (cannabis activists) as they pushed to legalize cannabis in 2011 and 2012. It is where I got a lot of my ideas from. Thank you Jared Allaway and (Washington State Cannabis Activists) for being inspirational leaders in the movement. Looking to have my flip flops on phoenix soil in just a few weeks! Haha ready to rock and get signatures galore!"

You are welcome Dave, I am proud to say I was once able to work with you on legalization efforts, and we continue to encourage people to wear t-shirts that say "marijuana is safer than alcohol"! Thank you! 

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