Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Tiger Weedz Safer Claus

I was on Facebook recently when I saw one of my friends comment underneath a post I made.
Here is the post I made:
There are over 1,000 people who have approached me and expressed a willingness to wear a t-shirt that says "marijuana is safer than alcohol" in public. I am very happy to know there are so many brave people in the world who are willing to put this message out there on their chest even though it could cost them their job, their privacy, their freedom, their life. Different governments around the world have different approaches to marijuana. The only approach that makes sense is the one that allows adults to make the safer choice, to grow/consume the safer substance.
I'm about to go to the post office with two packages, each containing a safer shirt. One is heading to Georgia, the other is heading to Seattle. Thank you to all of the people who have helped with Safer Shirts over the years. It is slow going, but we will get there. thank you to Josh Maukand Mary Jane Hemp for their recent donations/auction purchases. Safer Shirts

Here is what +Tiger Weedz said:
1 of my favorite moments with my safer shirt. I decided that Canna Claus should be the safer Claus a few days earlier. I want Canna to be strictly non corporate & you can't get less corporate than a group that is based on mailing free shirts to anybody who will wear them. & corporations lie whereas you cannot possibly find a message that is more true than MISTA. So I don't believe by wearing the shirt Canna is advertising, He's representing & advising.