Thursday, December 5, 2013

overheard at a restaurant

A Safer Shirt wearer in Florida heard this recently:

Thought I would share: I was eating out tonight and overhead a family of 5 discussing marijuana at the table behind me.

The mother was telling her young children the difference in huffing drugs and smoking marijuana. She told them that some drugs and huffing fumes kill your brain cells

but marijuana isn't a drug.

It's a plant that comes from the earth but it's still illegal.

She told them

"even tho it's not bad for you; you have to follow the laws.
It's legal in Colorado now and I'm sure it will be legal here by the time you're 20".

 I wish i had them on me and I would have given all of them tee shirts and gotten petitions signed by the parents.


  1. america is talking, we are listening. please keep your ears and eyes wide open. and . spread the word.

    love you flo. thanks for sharing...

    1. Yes, thank you to Safer Florida for bringing this to my attention! :)

  2. Good story...thanks for sharing...