Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Marijuana is safer shirt at the methadone clinic

One of my Facebook friends wrote this recently: 

talk about freedom I got my beautiful safer shirt and am wearing. proudly. well I go to a methadone. treatment center. yesterday. they. informed. me that if iwore my shirt their I would be subject to being kicked out of the program. WHAT ok why? because the message endorses illegal. activity. HUH? I informed them that in the entire history of mankind not one zero person has ever died from natural marijuana. and.annual. deaths. from. alcohol were79,000 so my shirt was a true statement backed up by actual figures. oh well they don't care if I wear it again I am subject to being kicked out of the treatment. center. I have been spending $91.00 a week for 18. choice for NOW ... but I assure you I am not.through with this. oh no not by a long shot. so any advise on the legal side of this I need info I cannot. be kicked. out but. I can't. just. stand. by with my head up my ass. advise welcome tthx u all and.God.bleas

And then they wrote this under a picture of some nugs that I posted: 

Making me look at this on the internet is just plain cruel You know we ain't got nothin like this down here in South Carolina I want to move to the west coast so bad I don't know what to do But I'm stuck here in South Carolina I don't know what else to do So I'm fighting the good fight spreading the word and one day maybe we'll have some of this down here But until that day I guess I'll just have to keep looking at it on the internet and dreamin dreamin dreamin

We need legalization in South Carolina! 

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  1. Jared,

    Susan is a close friend of mine. Thank you for highlighting her plight. We are doing everything we can to help get her out of there and to a "Safer" state. She's a pain-patient. If anyone wants to help me relocate her and her hubby to OR please send them my way.

    Thank you!!