Sunday, September 15, 2013

Safer Trainquill

I heard one of my friends telling a pretty interesting story recently.
First my friend Nate Crawford said this, and I shared it:
makin it happen with the help of a Safer Shirt in Ohio.

i had some guy at Kroger stop me and make a statement about my safer shirt, he was smiling as I walked by and then said hi, so being polite I also said hi and then I heard his daughter say dad don't instantly I thought here we go more negativity, but no the man said ya kno I had a buddy at work tell me god made weed and man made beer you choose, the man started to laugh and I smiled from ear to ear and said that's one of the most truest statements you will ever hear we both said have a good night and went on our way, this is the first stranger to speak to me on my shirt I've had numerous people tell me that it was a great shirt and how true it wad but never started a conversation with someone I've never met, I'm slowly making this aware in the little state of Ohio, thanks Jared Allaway also for those of you that don't kno safer shirts are shirts that make the simple statement that marijuana is safer then alcohol in order to spread awareness and end the prohibition of marijuana

Then my other friend Trainquill said this:

Its like when i walked by my neighbors teenage kids the other day outside my spot..the kid was wearing an ' i love weed t-shirt..and i said 'cool you love weed..right on what are you kids doing to help change drug policy reform today' everyone froze..firstly i said something about his shirt out loud second i called them to real action..they all started looming around and whispering about how i shouldn't have mentioned the shirt out loud and what if someone heard me..i just rode away laughing...its as if its an unspoken rule that you can wear a shirt in promotion of something controversial just not say anything..then there's the other side where folks feel empowered to speak because you are wearing the shirt or holding the sign..I've experienced the positive and negative of this communication situation

It took my son 7 years to understand why i was an unpaid cannabis activist working towards was worth every bit of pain..because when he came to me finally and said 'mom the weed has to be legal so there isn't all this violence..I understand why you work for free' well that was one of the best days of my life