Tuesday, September 17, 2013

163 people have used the order form

163 people have used the order form on safershirts.org.
I have been mailing at least one shirt out per day for the past couple of days. I will probably have to stop myself from mailing so I can save up some money for some other things. 12 from that list have been mailed out (or picked up in person from Safer Shirt Satellite Shack in Tacoma). I am in the process of cutting out new stencils. I will mail stencils out to people, and each person who receives a stencil can potentially make safer shirts and give them away for free, reducing the burden on Safer Shirt headquarters.
I tried to set up direct deposit so money from advertisements on Blogspot and Youtube could get to me quickly, but I was having some problems, so I'm having a check mailed to me. It will be about twenty dollars. That will go directly to one of my Screenprinting friends. I have a bunch of XL and XXL right now, I think I will order a bunch of small and medium next time I talk to a screenprinter.
+Safer Shirts were spotted at the Boston Freedom rally, you can see more if you look at http://facebook.com/safershirts

I need to get more pictures on the Google Plus page, I will try to do that soon.

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