Sunday, August 11, 2013

Mitch was hit by a drunk driver

I heard this story from Noremak Relbbih on Facebook.

Some years ago Mitch was hit by a drunk driver and was left a quadriplegic. He has started to gain use of his arms and hands, but has been a slow and painful recovery, his story and the hardships of raising a child in his condition, has made me want to help him all I can, I recently got Head Nectar, a great company to donate a oil rig, so he could dab his wax for the first time, he is a great guy, a great advocate, and he is very deserving of a safer tee. I send him things all the time, maybe it's cause my brother is in jail right now, a ex-marine and war veteran, guilty of drinking then driving and hitting someone, no one was injured, but in a weird way, helping him, makes me feel better.

After Noremak told me this story, I mailed a +Safer Shirts to Mitch.


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    1. Cant think yall enuff. Im very blessed to have such great friends to support me & give me that forward pudh when life lets me start slippin back. Im gonna leave as thanks "yall" cuz there r too many to name & I want no one left out...