Saturday, August 24, 2013

Medical use causes mom to lose newborn

  • I got my marijuana card in may 2013 I had my daughter july 15th 2013 the day I was discharged I was told I couldn't take lynnzee home with me bc I tested positive for thc!! My obgyn, and the doctor that recommended me to get my card knew I was pregnant and was smokin(I had done my research on smokin marijuana while being pregnant...nothing wrong with marijuana.)but even the state knew ii was pregnant bc I had to fill paper work out and one question was are you pregnant or are u breastfeeding? I checked I was pregnant. I smoked with my other two children nothing wrong with any of them and they tested me and I came back positive for thc when I had my son(in kentucky) and that's not a medical state...I didn't get any type of trouble nor was I denied custody of my son. But here I come to michigan and get my card and I'm denied custody of my daughter??? There was nothing wrong with policy states if a person tests positive for drugs (weed isn't a drug) that they have to contact cps. Well I had shown everyone that needed to see my hard card! I even told them before I had lynnzee I was gonna test positive for thc! Yet I'm told I can't bring my daughter home?? I didn't get to take those "going home pics" I had a c-section too so I was distraught from being denied custody and then havin c-section n cps had to come check my house and told me I was gonna have to take substance abuse classes n drug tests...yet I have my hard card!!!!???? The cps lady kept tellin me I had physically abused my daughter by smoking while pregnant with her. She told me I'm lucky nothing is wrong with my daughter n if she was havin withdraws to weed it would be a totally different story!!! Needless to say I called a lot of lawyers no one seemed interested bc it was cps!!! I didn't understand. Were my rights taken from me?? My civil rights were violated right?? I'm so hurt bc I lost time spent with my newborn and I didn't get to take my pics all bc I tested positive for thc???

  • I want u to know my story! I felt like that wasn't right for the state to deny me custody when in the michigan mariajuana act I'm protected by so many laws????!!!!
    Sectiion 4 line C it states no one should be denied custody. Yet I was denied custody
    Its crazy bc I asked the hospital supervisor for cps if I have my hard card why am I being denied custody?? She said ya know hunny I'm just as cconfused as u are!!!

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