Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Last "L" in a Safer Stencil

I'm cutting the last "L" out of this stencil. I created a file in Openoffice Writer. I used FontWork and typed one word first row, two words second row, and one word third and fourth row. Then I stretched it to the size I wanted and printed it. Then I cut off excess paper, and laminated. I try to have some lamination overhang to mask the splatter that happens when you paint a stencil. I cut the letters out with tiny scissors leaving bridges to hold middle of letters in place. Like if you cut the letter "O" all the way out, the middle would just fall out, so what you end up cutting is kind of like the letter "C" and another letter "C" but backwards, and facing the first one. When you use the stencil the "O" looks like it has a line drawn through it, but it is the only way middles of letters will stay in place unless you use a screen.


  1. the work behind the shirts...thx again jared.

    1. no prob, thank you! I have a lot of cutting to do! A lot of people want a stencil! :)