Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Comment from a friend

I was on Facebook recently, when I saw one of my friends had posted a comment on my page. I will repost the comment here:

So I wanted to tell you that the shirt u have so kindly sent to me for free has brought me a lot of happiness and joy...Everywhere I go people say something to me about it ...Its def a conversation piece....I have had so many people say stuff to me over this shirt from young to old gives u a better perspective on who really smokes in this world...But today I had the coolest lil old man come up to me at Wal-Mart today and say I prefer alcohol over marijuana myself which sparked this whole convo in wal mart about marijuana and how its safer than alcohol ...There were three of us in line and before I knew it the lady who was also quite older said man if I didn't have weed im not sure what I woulda done with my 21 year old ...she says that weed helped me get thru a lot...I have had Employees from different stores walk right up to me and say that's the truth and I say what and there like your shirt its so true...I always say to them Don't get yourself in trouble, with a shit grin on my face ....Anyways just wanted to say thanks to you and safer shirts for giving me this great gift.....

Then another friend commented underneath that comment.

I've the same experience with mine it is unbelievable how many people agree with the shirt smoker or non I'm very thankful for the opportunity to share and learn about being safer. Thank you friend for this post for it was preformed with expertise, also thank you Jared Allaway and all who help to spread the shirts around.

I really appreciate stories like this, I hope to hear more and share more with you in the future.

thank you for taking a look at this Safer Shirts website.

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